📦 Packing Guidelines

📦 Packing Guidelines

Use good quality packing materials

Parcel size should not exceed 80cm

For fragile items, wrap items separately with cushioning materials and display caution label.

Paste waybill securely on parcel & remove irrelevant labels

Always pack tightly & keep surface smooth to prevent damage to parcel

Use strong tape to secure parcel (e.g electrical, brown plastic etc.)

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Quick Guide to Pack Your Parcels

Parcels not adhering to proper packaging guidelines will be rejected at the point of pick-up or drop-off



Pack your items in proper packaging materials and include protective wraps. Seal your parcel with strong adhesive tapes.


Print and attach your waybill on the parcel or write down your order number. Ensure the details are accurately and clearly labelled to ensure smooth deliveries.


Pickupp agents will collect your parcel at your doorstep (for Express & Same Day) or you may drop-off your parcels at any Pickupp Service Points for next day/international deliveries.

For Small Items

- Use polymailer, envelope or padded envelope for non-fragile items

For Bulky Items

- Use strong corrugated or carton boxes - Fill up any empty spaces i.e. with paper, bubble-wraps etc

Packaging Guidelines

- Do not use plastic bags - Do not use weak/damaged boxes - Label & bubble-wrapped fragile items - All packaging should be tight and snug - Always seal your package securely
Pickupp parcel packaging

Label Your Parcel

Print and attach your waybill or write your order number on the parcel.
  • Ensure that the order number is clear & legible
  • Remove any old/additional waybills
  • Attach the new waybill firmly on the parcel *While not mandatory, we do encourage senders to include a copy of the invoice in the parcel (if any).
  • Prohibited Items
    Bulky Items

    Bulky Items

    Including (but are not limited to) dumbbells, weights, packets of rice over 5kg

     Living Things

    Living Things

    Living Plants, Animals

    Unprotected Glass Items

    Unprotected Glass Items

    Including (but not limited to) bottles and containers of any kind

    Marketable Securities

    Marketable Securities

    Cash, Cheques, Bills, Stocks, etc.

    Flammable, Ignitable, or Volatile Items

    Flammable or Volatile Items

    E.g. Fireworks, kerosene, gas canisters or paint thinner



    Vegetables, Fruits, etc.