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Affordable Express Delivery Service in Malaysia
2 Hours Delivery Service Promotion

2 Hours Delivery Service Promotion

Use this promo code 『PICKUPPEXPRESS』 to have 50% OFF your first 5 express deliveries. Capped at RM15. Sign up now and start delivering with us.

How Does Our Express Delivery Work?

Express Delivery in Malaysia
Create your order and Pickupp will match it to an agent who'll pick up your parcel and have it delivered within a 2-hour window. You can also schedule your order in advance. Use this service when you've perishable or hot food products to send or if it's an urgent delivery need!

Express Delivery

Create Your First Delivery Order


Step 1: Sign Up For A Free Account With Us

Click 'Sign Up' and fill up the necessary details! Alternatively, you may download our mobile app for ad hoc orders.


Step 2: Create Your Order and Select the "Express" Service Type

Upon successful sign up, you'll be directed to our digital dashboard. Look out for the 'Orders' tab and create your order!


Step 3: Visit our 'Payment Profile' and add credit to your wallet to make payment for your order!

You can choose to make payment via credit card or bank transfer.

Are you a business with regular non-perishable parcel delivery needs?

Check out our next day delivery services from RM4.50!