Simplify Your Logistics, Streamline Your Deliveries

Our Fleet Management System (FMS) helps you effectively manage your fleet, your partners, and your orders. As your logistics ally, we strive to ensure your customers are satisfied with every delivery.

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Streamlined Order Management Designed for Efficiency

Streamlined Order Management Designed for Efficiency

Our system is designed to digitize your delivery process, eliminating the need for heavy paperwork and cumbersome manual tracking.

Handle Overflow Orders Easily

Handle Overflow Orders Easily

Experience the freedom of handing over your overflow orders to us - we take care of them, ensuring they're efficiently managed and effectively delivered.

Transform Your Fleet into a Revenue Center

Transform Your Fleet into a Revenue Center

Our freelance pool of delivery jobs allows your drivers to take on additional orders, converting your fleet from a cost center to a revenue-generating asset.

Join the small & large brands, merchants, and fleet vendors across Asia who trust Pickupp to manage their logistics and deliveries.

Case Study - Cake Delivery in Malaysia


Save 70% time in assigning jobs to drivers and tracking orders” through Pickupp FMS' integration with WooCommerce.

Jun, Founder of Junandas

1️⃣ End-to-End Management

Actively manage both your own fleet and your partners on one system. Order assignment, route planning, and fleet monitoring can all be done in a few clicks.

🎯 Real-Time Tracking

FMS ensures you're always up-to-date on the status of your orders. No more guessing, no more uncertainty - just precise, real-time information.

📝 Electronic Proof of Delivery

Cut out disputes with customers by using electronic proof of delivery and signature. Reduce paperwork, improve customer experience.


Join the future of fleet management

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