[NEW] Delivery Agent App Update - My Wallet

May 17, 2020 8:00 PM

We’ve launched a new exciting feature just for you - the Delivery Agent Wallet!

Starting Monday, 18 May, 2020, 1) "Cash Out" your earnings to receive payment from the previous week. 2) You will no longer need to transfer or bank in cash for your Cash On Delivery (COD) orders! 3) Top up your wallet to see more COD orders!
Pickupp Delivery Agent Cash Out

How does it work?

1. Cash Out Your Earnings

Here is the timeline and the important deadlines you must take note of to ensure that you're paid for your earnings on a timely basis!
Pickupp Delivery Agent Earnings Timeline
Every Monday: By 6.00pm: Pickupp will confirm your previous weeks earning and it will be shown under transaction history in your "My Wallet". By 2200: Check your earnings and send any discrepancies via the link with photo proof Every Wednesday: You can request cashout at any time. To receive your payment by this week, the cut off time will be on Every Wednesday 11.59pm. By 11.59pm: "Cash Out!" your earnings (Min: RM1.00) ***Cash out is compulsory to receive your payment from the previous week Every Friday: By 11.59pm: Your cashout request will be deposited into your bank! ***Payment is subjected to bank's approval

2. Auto Cash On Delivery (COD) Payment

You will no longer need to transfer or bank in cash for your Cash On Delivery (COD) orders. - Take COD orders and keep the cash for yourself - No more COD bank in is required, the cash amount will be automatically deducted from your wallet - More $$$ in your wallet = Ability to accept & see more COD orders! ***While you are no longer required to bank-in COD orders, all Delivery Note orders must still be uploaded as usual, under my earnings.

3. Top up your wallet to see more COD orders!

You can choose to top up and leave more credit in your wallet. This will enable you to see and accept more COD orders as you'll only be able to take COD orders if the credits in your wallet are higher than the cash amount. Whenever you top it up, the amount will be reflected in your Available Balance within 3 working days.

What is the necessary action you must take now?

To check if you know how the DA wallet works, complete the DA Wallet Test and obtain a qualified result before May 24, 11:59pm.

To complete the New DA Wallet Test, click here.
Kindly refer to our Delivery Agent FAQ page for more information. Cheers, Team Pickupp