Pioneering a Sustainable Future: How Pickupp is Revolutionizing Green Logistics

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our world today. As a leading logistics platform in APAC, Pickupp recognizes our responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and enable our customers to achieve their sustainability goals. We believe sustainability must be embedded into the core of our business, not just an afterthought. In this blog, we'll explore how Pickupp is pioneering innovative green logistics solutions, from our optimized crowdsourced model to our carbon measurement tools.

Demonstrating Our Commitment through EcoVadis

We invested and participated in our first EcoVadis business sustainability rating assessment to benchmark our performance. We ranked above average for our category and region, despite the stringent criteria as a medium-sized, group-wide assessment. This result demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement across our Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement practices.

Optimizing Our Delivery Network

At the heart of our approach is leveraging data and technology to build the most efficient delivery network possible. Our platform uses advanced algorithms to optimize routes, consolidate orders, and match deliveries to the best-suited vehicle or walker. By tapping into excess capacity in both vehicles and people, we reduce the number of vehicles on the road and maximize asset utilization. This crowdsourced, dynamic delivery model minimizes waste and achieves energy savings of up to 20%.

Empowering Our Customers with Carbon Insights

We provide unparalleled transparency into the carbon footprint of each delivery through our big data platform. By measuring the emissions per order according to weight, size and distance travelled, we equip customers with the insights they need to make sustainable choices. They can identify high-impact areas and track progress over time as they work to reduce their footprint.

Offsetting Emissions through Verified Projects

Achieving real carbon neutrality goes beyond measurement. That's why we offer carbon offsetting packages that invest in third-party verified projects like reforestation. By offsetting emissions, our customers take tangible climate action and demonstrate their commitment to a zero-emissions future.

The Road Ahead

The logistics industry has an outsized role to play in building a greener economy. As a leader in this space, Pickupp takes our responsibility seriously. The path ahead won't be easy, but by combining technology, innovation and purpose, we believe we can revolutionize logistics to create a more sustainable future.