Same Day or Next Day Delivery, Which is For Me?

Nov 11, 2021 7:01 PM

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Same Day or Next Day Delivery, Which is For Me?

Amazon changed the game with free two-day delivery, and now more retailers—both physical and online—are scurrying to keep up. Before COVID-19 happened, online shopping and e-commerce had already become the norm. While the current situation is volatile and almost unpredictable, e-commerce and the need for reliable and fast delivery services is definitely here to stay.

Take a look at our same day and next day delivery flow and how it works here!

Compared to industry players like Lalamove, J&T Express and DHL, Pickupp specialises in providing the most affordable and competitive same day and next day door-to-door deliveries in Malaysia. Our core services include on-demand express/same day, next day and 1 - 3 days door-to-door deliveries. Depending on your specific needs, for our same day delivery service, we can deliver within 2 hours/4 hours from order creation, door-to-door, while our next day delivery service requires that your goods are stored in our warehouse for at least one day. As a technology-enabled delivery provider, the key features we offer for both businesses and individuals include 24/7 full tracking capability, instant photo proof of delivery, sms notification and API Integration.
Same Day and Next Day Delivery Flow

What're the key differences between our on-demand/same day courier service and next day delivery?

Our smart algorithm allows thousands of on-demand orders to be executed altogether, all delivered on-time! Do your customers require same day or next day delivery? What is your budget and average delivery volume? Whether you're an individual, a small business or a large corporate, we're flexible and able to meet different needs. Take a look at the cost of our services here and find out what fits you better!
Same Day Delivery Cost

Which service is more suitable for my industry?

With our same day and next day delivery services, we've the capacity to deliver across a variety of industries. From perishables such as hot food from restaurants or groceries to clothes in the fashion industry, take a look at which service is more suitable for your industry!
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