Pickupp’s Partnership with Local Courier Service Providers in Malaysia

Dec 2, 2021 7:01 PM

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We're making deliveries in Malaysia better with strategic partnerships!

Since the beginning of the lockdown in Malaysia and the increase of online shopping, courier services have never been in higher demand. Business Owners, retailers, family and friends are some of the many people that use courier services on a daily basis whether it is to deliver products or gifts, courier services is the answer. The question today in most people’s minds are “who are the Courier Service providers?” and today we will share with you some of the Local Courier Service Providers that we have partnered with. That being said, we bring you good news today as Pickupp has partnered with several other local courier service providers to ensure that all deliveries make it to your doorstep! ParcelHub, one of the fastest growing courier networks in Malaysia to provide a ONE-STOP domestic and international shipping service for you! Some of the many services they provide are Courier Services , Drop-Off, Door-to-Door Pickup, Packaging supplies and the list goes on. If you ever need to find the cheapest domestic and international shipping rates, they are the ones for you. All you need to do is drop your parcel, arrange a delivery and they will handle the rest for you. Pickupp has partnered with ParcelHub to ensure that your deliveries are made safely, be it domestically or internationally. Find out more about ParcelHub at https://www.parcelhub.com.my/home . ParcelDaily, another courier service provider found in Malaysia similar to the first whereby they mainly focus on local deliveries within Malaysia. ParcelDaily provides not only the cheaper prices but also quality while maintaining competitive prices. They provide many services such as Print Consignment Notes Online, Free Flyers and even Free Pick Up! If you ever need to get a parcel delivered within Malaysia, head down to Parcel Daily today. Pickupp is one of their many partners to provide our services by arranging parcel deliveries from the pick up point to the drop-off location. If you need Same Day Delivery or Next Day Delivery, Pickupp will be there to assist you! Find out more about ParcelDaily at https://parceldaily.com/. Delyva, a delivery booking platform that provides multiple delivery service options for all your needs and requirements. With E-Commerce as their focus of service, they also provide all sorts of services such as Food Delivery, Motorcycle transportation and many more. Delyva is not your ordinary courier service provider because they not only handle your parcel deliveries, they have partnered with many other courier partners especially Pickupp! If you are an online business owner that is seeking to run your business and you are in need to courier some products, you can always check out Delyva at https://delyva.com/my/ to enquire more. How does Pickupp play a role in this? Pickupp is a Last Mile Delivery service company therefore partnering with these Local Courier Service providers would mean that Pickupp will be handling your deliveries with them. This to ensure that all deliveries are made so that you will not have to worry about your delivery. Pickupp provides a flexible range of services that allows us to be able to accommodate most of the courier services requested by our partnered local courier service providers. Pickupp is here to ensure that we are reliable & affordable and we look forward to handling your deliveries or shipping for you! For more information about Pickupp delivery, please visit https://my.pickupp.io/en/ to get your business delivery done smoothly!
Pickupp Partnership
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