Pickupp Merchant Story: How Efficient Deliveries Help Improve Your Motherhood

Oct 11, 2021 9:50 PM

Pickupp Merchant Story

Pickupp Merchant Story: How Efficient Deliveries Help Improve Your Motherhood

Pickupp is now delivering for Motherhood.com.my which is serving a wide range of baby products!
Being a mother is never easy. What is good? What is bad? Is this the right thing to do? Am I a good parent? Is this enough? These are some of the many questions that every mother asks themselves. With that being said, motherhood is never easy but it can be made a tad bit easier when you are assisted and guided by the right people providing you with informative insights and guidance. Motherhood.com.my is not just any website but it is THE website for all your parenting, pregnancy, labour & birth, and children’s needs. You can find an abundance of content/information that will assist you in your journey as a parent. The list of information and insights are endless with a wide variety of blog posts which can be found on https://story.motherhood.com.my/. These blog posts do not only come from experienced mothers but also, experts, corporate brands and many more that can help solve common parenting challenges. No time to read? Motherhood.com.my provides video content at https://www.youtube.com/c/motherhoodcommy that lets you learn and listen on the go, without having to read through all the nitty-gritty details. Shopping has never been this easy! Baby powder, diapers, baby food, gears, nursery, and the list goes on. Being a mom especially with young infants, we understand that it is a huge responsibility to ensure that all the essentials are stocked at home and when you need to go out to buy these essentials, you are not able to leave your kids at home alone. Instead, you need to bring them along with you to shop for these essentials. With Motherhood.com.my, all you need to do is just push a few buttons, choose from the wide range of products that you wish to purchase and with Pickupp as their delivery partner, all shipments will be made right to your doorstep. In collaboration with Motherhood, Pickupp is a last-mile delivery company that will ensure all deliveries are made in a timely manner and is safely delivered to your doorstep. Pickupp provides flexible, tech-driven logistics solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to scale and thrive. Imagine that for a second, you won't need to go through traffic, strap your kids into the baby car seat, and many more, instead, you can stay at home and receive your essentials right at your doorstep. Shopping for essentials has never been easier! What are you waiting for? Shop at Motherhood.com.my now and let Pickupp deliver it for you! For more information about Pickupp delivery, please visit https://my.pickupp.io/en/ to get your business delivery done smoothly!

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If you don't already know, Pickupp offers a range of delivery services, from 4-Hour On-Demand Delivery, to Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery. The prices and services we can offer is flexible and depends on your business' budget and delivery needs. If you're a business with regular monthly delivery needs, you'd be happy to know that Pickupp has a monthly plan subscription which offers a corporate free trial and an insurance of up to RM200 for non-perishable items! To learn more about our monthly plan simply download the Pickupp User mobile app or sign up for the free trial here! Alternatively, for ad-hoc delivery needs (less than 30 deliveries a month), simply download the Pickupp User mobile app or sign up to get a quote here! If you're a business with regular deliveries and wish to explore our next day and same day delivery services, simply fill up the form below and someone will be in touch!
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