Pickupp 2 hour Express Delivery is here! Here's how you can use it ASAP

Jan 8, 2022 7:01 PM

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How to use Pickupp's 2 hour Express Delivery Service?

Pickupp’s 2 Hour Express Delivery Service is now available. Pickupp is proud to announce that we are now offering 2 Hour Express Delivery service! If you are wondering how our Express Delivery works, here is how: 1. Create an order and choose “Express” on your delivery option 2. Pickupp will match it to a Delivery Agent who’ll then pick up the parcel 3. The Delivery Agent will then deliver the parcel for you within a 2-hour window. *You may choose to schedule your order in advance as well This service is recommended when you are planning to deliver perishables or any items that is in need of an urgent delivery. Sign up today and start delivering with Pickupp at here.
2 hour process
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