Mooncakes Delivery Malaysia 2021

Jul 31, 2021 1:23 AM

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Mooncake Delivery Malaysia 2021

The Mid-Autumn Festival this year will fall on 21 September 2021. Despite the evolving restrictions in Malaysia (and the rest of the world), mooncakes have always been enjoyed amongst family in the comfort of our homes and given as gifts. With most events happening virtually today, mooncake tasting and physical roadshows to sell mooncakes will become a tad bit difficult. This means that customers are likely to purchase their mooncakes online and businesses and hotels with affordable and attractive delivery packages will benefit from more sales. That's exactly why Pickupp is here, to help you deliver mooncakes to your customers with the most affordable mooncake delivery rates and best customer experience. We've been delivering mooncakes for hotels such as Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza and Fairmont Hotel as well as companies such as Deloitte and Janice Wong Chocolates and this September 2021, we're ready to deliver for you too!
Mooncake Delivery Malaysia 2021
Engage our mooncake delivery services and benefit from: ​1. Next Day Deliveries starting from RM 4.50 per order (T&C Apply). 2. Better discounts for bulk delivery orders. 3. Customised logistics support, catered to your business' needs including store transfers, pick and pack, bulk mooncake pickup and dropoff 4. The opportunity to sign up for a free RM100 corporate trial (T&C Apply).

What can you expect with Pickupp's mooncake delivery services?

Mooncake Delivery Services
As a data-driven and logistics tech platform, we've unique tech features that will save you lots of time and keep your mind at ease: 1. Immediate Photo Proof of Delivery Upon delivering the parcel, our delivery agents will upload a photo of the mooncakes that have arrived safely at your customer's doorstep. 2. 24/7 Tracking Capability On our dashboard or app, you will receive access to your delivery agent's whereabouts at any point of time during the delivery. Know when he/she is nearing your customer! 3. Bulk Upload Our Bulk Upload tool allows you to upload up to 1000 delivery orders at any point of time. This means no manual uploading of orders individually. The tool also has an automatic address verification function that minimises errors completely. With all the above features, deliveries will become worry and hassle free!

If you're interested in using our delivery services for your mooncakes, kindly indicate it in the form below!

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