Mooncake Festival 2021: Promotion and Delivery Tips For E-Commerce

Aug 16, 2021 9:51 PM

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Mooncake Festival 2021: Promotion and Delivery Tips For Your Online Store

With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, it’s a great opportunity to showcase the latest products from your online store. Celebrate the Mooncake Festival and launch new products and promotions for this holiday.
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1) Launching an Early Bird Discount

As part of our Chinese culture, mooncakes are an essential part of the Mid-Autumn Festival which can’t be missed! Offering an early bird discount on festive products like mooncakes will certainly attract customers. A limited time offer promotion can give you an advantage over other stores, by providing you with information that these early buyers submit during the data collection stage. Information such as age, gender, and flavour preferences, can help to analyze and target the audiences more accurately. With these details on hand, you can draft a suitable 2021 budget plan and formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy. Since the early bird discounts are only available for a limited period, it’s an effective form of advertising as it creates a sense of urgency. Once the promotion is launched, it will encourage buyers to spread the word about the offer to their family and friends.

2) Introducing exclusive flavours and ingredients

People in Malaysia are keen to try new and trendy things. News about ‘new restaurants’, ‘new flavours’ and ‘new spots for taking photos’ spread like wildfire. When snowy mooncakes first came out, it was a brand new concept which no one thought would succeed. But now, we all know it is an example that new ideas can dominate the market. So, don't be afraid to experiment with new elements or ingredients to make mooncakes. If you’re keen to keep the original recipe, you can launch mini mooncakes, which are popular amongst those with a small appetite or who prefer bite-sized desserts.

3) Buying a specific amount for free shipping

The best thing about online shopping is the convenience, allowing you to stay at home and wait for the goods to be delivered to your doorstep. For customers buying mooncakes online, it saves them the trouble of going to a physical store and carrying the heavy tins of mooncakes back home. Generally, consumers may think that the delivery cost is too high when they are only purchasing a few products and it can discourage them from buying online. To avoid this situation, we can add the shipping fee directly to each item, making customers feel that it is more cost-effective. We also have the option to offer free shipping when consumers purchase over a certain amount. Upon checkout, when customers see that there will be no additional shipping fee, it can also encourage them to buy more products than before.
Next Day Mooncake Delivery Promotion 2021 From Pickupp Malaysia

4) Cooperating with flexible logistics providers

An online store’s responsibility is to provide consumers with the best delivery service. In order to meet these expectations, you will need a reliable and flexible logistics provider. Pickupp provides flexible, tech-driven logistics solutions that fit any business - of all sizes in Malaysia. Quality and care is taken with every shipment, as we have experience delivering baked desserts, you can rest assured that your mooncakes will safely arrive in one piece! Pickupp also has door-to-door delivery services to reduce your workload, which can deliver your products within 4 hours, same day and next day. Last but not least, Pickupp’s real-time GPS tracking allows you and your customers to check the shipping progress so that everyone can feel at ease.
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