How smart logistics to help you to optimize sales performance?

May 8, 2019 7:01 PM

“Where is my package?” – no doubt the most commonly encountered question by online shop owners.

Deep in our hearts, we totally understand how desperately customers want to receive their packages as soon as possible, but let’s face the reality, retail and online businesses have a very limited budget for deliveries, so it is hard for them to fulfil the ever-demanding customers’ expectations (cry)! If you agree to what I just said, keep reading this article. It’s a common misconception for business owners to think that good customer experience comes at the expense of falling profit. After all, you MUST provide the best customer experience ever if you want to stand out from the competitors and break through the current sales bottleneck! What you need is simply a highly-transparent and affordable smart delivery partner! Imagine you are spending most of your time on replying to the “Where is my package?” question, you have no time to market and grow your business. Learn how Pickupp utilises its smart system to provide transparent, reliable yet affordable door-to-door delivery services to help you build a scalable business!

1. Smart algorithm enabling savings of up to 33% delivery cost

Pickupp’s smart delivery platform matches your parcels with suitable delivery agents based on product types, dimensions and weight, for example, if your parcels are light and small, your order will be assigned to walkers or scooters. If your parcels are bulky, our smart system will allocate them to vans! Pickupp’s smart algorithm make sure orders are allocated efficiently, avoiding any misuse of human resources and minimises manual work, to enable delivery cost savings of up to 33% – meaning more money for marketing and growth!
Pickupp_Smart algorithm enabling savings of up to 33% delivery cost

2. Same day / next day / cross-border door-to-door deliveries – All in one platform!

Pickupp understands businesses have different logistics needs and expectations and it’s difficult to find a logistics partner who offers exceptional services at an affordable cost! Here we are, your best logistics arm that offers tailor-made logistics solution to all merchants from pick pack fulfilment, warehousing, to local and cross-border door-to-door deliveries! Pickupp serves over 10,000 merchants and third-party logistics companies in Hong Kong and has already become the go-to delivery partners for various industries including but not limited to retail, e-commerce, fashion, beauty, catering, baby products, pet products, publication etc. We have built a convenient platform where merchants can use our mobile app to place orders in less than 1 minute. Our system also caters merchants with bulk delivery needs. To create bulk orders, you simply have to upload an excel sheet with order information onto our online portal!

1-minute mobile app order creation:
Online portal order creation – including bulk upload:

3. Over 20,000 delivery agents to ensure a 100% acceptance rate (for corporate accounts)

For merchants with frequent same-day delivery needs, they often face one common problem – fail to find someone to deliver parcels for them even if they are willing to pay for the same-day delivery service! What’s sadder than having a problem of which money cannot solve? To tackle this, Pickupp has trained over 20,000 delivery agents including walkers, scooters and van drivers . Whether you are in need of delivering 1 order every day, 100 orders a day, or even seasonal spikes, we always have delivery agents stand by to serve your on-demand delivery needs.

4. Transparent tracking technology to simplify customer services

Pickupp real-time GPS tracking technology allows both merchants and customers to monitor orders 24/7, making sure that the parcels arrive on time, at the right place. Using Pickupp’s delivery services, your customers will receive an SMS message with a real-time GPS tracking link and contact details of the delivery agent. The transparent platform allows your customers to track the accurate position of the parcels anytime and anywhere they want, and to contact the delivery agent directly in case any last-minute changes are required. Moving forward, there will be no more “Where is my parcel?” question from your customers but more me-time for “how to build a scalable business”!
Pickupp_Transparent tracking technology to simplify customer services

5. The only delivery company in Hong Kong with triple delivery proof

Pickupp requires every delivery agent to upload detailed proof of deliveries including e-signature and photo upon arrival, showing the parcel’s condition at the recipient’s door, to ensure your orders arrive at its original condition. Pickupp’s real-time GPS system also ensures delivery agents can only take delivery photos and request for signatures during delivery time, at the drop-off point, making sure that your parcels are sent to the right position at its original condition. To access all the delivery proof, you simply have to login to our online portal!
Pickupp_The only delivery company in Hong Kong with triple delivery proof
A seamless smooth delivery might sound trivial, however, don’t underestimate this part in the chain of customer experience. Always remember that the last-mile delivery is your first offline touchpoint with the customer, and it is important to let your customer know that she should be expecting such a smooth a and enjoyable buying experience if she or her friends are to purchase from you again! If you are interested to register for a corporate free trial or wish to talk to our sales team to explore your best-fit delivery options, fill in the form and we will contact you within 1 working day! Read more: 4 hour or next day delivery, which one is for me?
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