Delivering Freshness: Bridging the Gap between Coffee and You

Nov 20, 2019 2:01 AM

Delivering Freshness: Bridging the Gap between Coffee and You

Delivering your coffee the way you like it.

Perk Coffee - Fresher is better
So if you are a coffee drinker, you probably drink coffee everyday! Getting freshly roasted coffee is not easily accessible, and getting high quality coffee is still a luxury to a lot of people. Perk Coffee roast their coffee beans weekly right in Malaysia and send out the coffee beans within 48 hours of roasting. To ensures that their customers get to enjoy coffee at its best, and also customer experience journey they could ever ask for, Perk Coffee partners with Pickupp 2 years ago and become the one of the online coffee shop in Malaysia to provide complimentary delivery! Watch our interview with Wan Yen and learn how Pickupp helps Perk Coffee deliver the freshest coffee in town! We have the best technological capabilities to support your same day and next day deliveries. Whether you’re a retailer, freight forwarder, international courier or 3PL, we have a solution for you. Interested to learn more? Complete the form below and sign up for a corporate free trial with us today.
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