Earn up to RM100 extra in your very first week!

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Welcome all new pickupp heroes!

We have a new incentive reward designed just for you!

Earn extra income up to RM100 for the first week with us!


Terms & Conditions

– Applicable only for New Delivery agents.

– Applicable for only completed orders.

– It will be calculated starting from the activation of your Pickupp Hero account (right after you got your training)

– You will only get one tier bonus. The more orders you’ve completed, the higher chances to get on the 2nd tier bonus. For example, on your first week, if you completed 35 trips on the 7th day, you will only get RM50 bonus. If you completed 50 trips on the 7th day, you will get RM100 bonus.

– Bonus will only be added on the 2nd week of your payment.

– This incentive campaign will end by 12th September 2019.


For more info, feel free to contact us directly by using our Live Chat.