Provide Cash on Delivery services for customers today!

cash on delivery services

We’re excited to announce a pilot launch of our Cash on Delivery (COD) service! If you run a business that requires COD services, let us know – we’ll enable this on your account up to a mutually agreed cash value limit, and you’ll be able to sell products directly to your customers who prefer paying in cash.



We’ll handle the hassle of these transactions for you! Just speak to us via our live chat and we’ll set up a briefing session to discuss the details.


Pickupp has expanded into Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam! Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Pickupp started operations in Hongkong in 2016 and in the span of just 3 years, we’ve expanded to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and now, Ho Chi Minh!

Pickupp Vietnam was officially launched in Ho Chi Minh this January 2019. The recent funding that we secured from Alibaba Hong Kong Entrepreneurs Fund, Spark Ventures, and Axis Capital strengthened our expansion plans and with this recent launch, we’re now in a total of 4 cities!

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing e-commerce market in the region and we’re determined to meet the market’s needs with our efficient, affordable, and technology-driven deliveries. If you have a business arm that needs deliveries in Vietnam or any other city we’re in, connect with us and we’re ready to help!


New Features to Ease Your Deliveries!

1. Shortcut access to identifying your incoming agents

Yes, we heard you!

Delivery agents on their way to pickup parcelWe now have a feature on the Pickupp merchant portal that allows you to track delivery agents who are on their way to picking up your items.

How is this useful for me?

  • This feature is displayed on the portal as a single dashboard to provide you with easy access to the delivery agent’s contact details (no need to navigate and click through multiple pages to find your delivery agents’ details!)
  • Knowing the specific order your incoming agents are delivering ahead of time allows you to prepare the items that are ready to go before their arrival


2. Top-up for a better chance at getting your order matched with a delivery agent

Top-up to guarantee your ordersThis is a feature for our individual account holders whose delivery orders are not guaranteed!

Would you like to increase the chances of your order being accepted by delivery agents? Do you have the budget to top up your order but would rather not pay for the full surcharge that guarantees your order?

Then this feature is for you!


How it works:

  1. View the details of a specific order on your merchant portal.  If the order has not been accepted by a delivery agent yet, the top-up order option will be available on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the amount you wish to top up and it will be processed accordingly!


Have a question?

Feel free to contact our support team!

Thank you for your continuous support!


Team Pickupp