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The one-stop-shop door-to-door delivery solution for your e-business with no hidden cost.

Maximise your delivery efficiency with the following features:

All-in-one logistics platform

Flexibility to accommodate peak season delivery demands

On-demand delivery slot

Real-time GPS tracking 24/7

Drop-off photo and e-signature

Cash on Delivery

API Integration (Shopify / Woocommerce)

Solutions for Businesses

Deliver with us and expect special top-up flashbacks and discounts. Our technology-enabled dashboard is made for both small and large businesses. Each of these features can be customised and tailored to suit your specific business needs.

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Core Features

On-demand, 2/4 hours express

On-demand, 2/4 hours express

Real-time GPS tracking 24/7

Real-time GPS tracking 24/7

Drop-off photo and e-signature

Drop-off photo and e-signature



Customer support

Customer support

API Integration

API Integration

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What are the types of courier and delivery options Pickupp provides?

Pickupp supports both businesses with regular delivery needs and individuals with ad-hoc delivery & courier service needs with the following services: - Express Delivery - Same Day Delivery (4 Hours) - Next Day Delivery - 1 - 3 Days Delivery Interested to test our services? Simply sign up with us here and we will be happy to share more with you!

How does Pickupp charge me?

The cost of each delivery will depend on the product you choose and whether you're an individual with ad-hoc delivery needs or business or company with more regular delivery needs. Do note that the exact cost of each delivery is dependant on the following factors: 1. Service Type 2. Size of Parcel and Weight 3. Distance 4. Estimated Delivery Volume Here is an estimation of our rates for your reference:

Service Type Size of Parcel Weight Limit Base Price Distance Rate
Express Delivery W+L+H <100cm Below 5kg $9 First 3km: $0. $0.50/km thereafter.
W+L+H <150cm Below 15kg $13
Same Day Delivery (4 Hours) W+L+H <100cm Below 5kg $8 First 3km: $0. $0.30/km thereafter.
W+L+H <120cm Below 10kg $10
W+L+H <150cm Below 15kg $12
W+L+H <180cm Below 20kg $14
Next Day Delivery (1 - 3 Days) W+L+H <200cm Below 30kg $3.20 No Distance Rate
Are you an individual with ad-hoc delivery needs? Download the Pickupp User mobile app or get an instant quote for our on-demand delivery services here. Do you have regular delivery needs? Simply sign up for an account with us here and we will be happy to share more with you! Please be assured that there will be no hidden/additional cost on top of what is quoted to you! However, it is important that you submit the correct weight and dimensions during order creation. Our delivery agents will cross check the weight and dimensions of your package upon collection. If the dimension of the parcel does not match with the delivery order details, our delivery agents might notify Pickupp for order cancellation. In such a scenario, a transaction fee of 50% of the delivery fee will be charged.

Can I send food and perishable products with Pickupp? How can I pack the food for delivery?

Yes, food and perishable products can be sent via Pickupp. Choose whether you wish to deliver in 2 hours (Express Delivery) or 4 hours (Same Day Delivery). Before the delivery, please ensure that the package is secured and properly packed for delivery. You should also indicate that your parcel is fragile and inform your agent of the parcel’s contents. However, kindly note that unless you’re a monthly or enterprise plan user, any damages occurred during the delivery will not be entitled to any insurance coverage. Refer to the best practices for food packaging here: - Minimise movement of items by filling extra space in your package with padding. - Use materials such as bubble wrap to provide protection and stabilise your food. - Seal all packaging, paper or plastic with tape For Frozen Food: Appropriate insulation in sturdy insulated foam containers or bags is necessary. Dry ice is recommended to keep food frozen. For Drinks/Bottles: Wrap bottles with newspaper or wraps for extra padding for added protection. Label containers/packaging materials as "Fragile". For Meals: Keep hot meals away from cold drinks and frozen desserts. Cover sauce-based dishes with wrapping foil. For Baked Goods: You are recommended to wrap baked goods with an airtight seal. If possible, wrap each item individually and pack them snugly in a tin or other sturdy container

Does Pickupp provide 'Cash On Delivery' (COD) service?

Yes, Pickupp provides ‘Cash on Delivery’ (COD) service for our monthly plan users only. The service includes the collection of cash upon delivery of shipment and return of collected payment. It allows you to reduce operating costs, speed up cash conversion cycle, minimize risk of bad debts, and gain greater flexibility to retrieve payment at a low service fee.

Service Coverage
Maximum amount per delivery SGD $200
Days of return (Business Days) 15 Days
C.O.D. Surcharges(%) 2.0%
COD minimum charge SGD $1

When will you pick up my order? What is the pick up process? Can I cancel my order?

When a request for delivery is made, we will dispatch the order to the closest delivery agent at the requested time. The pick up and drop off will happen within 4 hours. For safety and proper identification of each parcel, you will need to either print and attach to your package an individual invoice with a QR code or write down the order number and unique passcode (first 4 numerical digits of your order number) on your package. Our delivery agents are then required to either scan a QR code on the parcel or enter the unique order passcode upon arrival at pick-up point before they can begin the delivery process. A 50% of delivery fee will be charged if merchants cancel the delivery order after the agent has accepted the request or failed to collect the package at the pick up location. Should there be an occasion when your order has expired without being accepted by a delivery agent, you will receive a full refund to your bank account. However, kindly note that unless an order has expired, no other requests for refunds will be entertained.

Will Pickupp refuse acceptance of transport of packages or delivery items?

Pickupp may refuse acceptance of transport of packages or delivery items if any of the following cases applies: 1. the sender’s request does not comply with our Terms of Service; 2. the sender fails to enter a valid address and other required fields that are recognisable by the Pickupp system; 3. the package or item is not suitable for transport; 4. the transport may violate laws and regulations; or is detrimental to public order, or injurious to public morals; 5. the package or item are of the following items:   5.1 explosives or other hazardous materials or any similar packages that are likely to cause damage to other packages;   5.2 packages specifically determined by Pickupp to be unacceptable, including but not limited to combustible, inflammable, poisonous and toxic materials, livestocks, dogs, cats, little birds, guns and swords etc.

How can I start using Pickupp's same day delivery services easily?

If you're an individual with ad-hoc delivery needs, we suggest that you download the Pickupp User mobile app to get a quote here. You could also find out more here. For businesses and users with regular delivery needs, learn more about how you can self-create orders on our technology-enabled dashboard here.

Do we handle fragile items and irregular sized packages?

If you're delivering fragile or irregular sized packages, please do mark the package as “Fragile & Handle with Care" in the notes section and reinforce it on the parcel to minimise any risk of breakage. Our delivery agents will take special care to ensure that the packages are delivered without damage. In the event of any breakage, Pickupp also insures your delivery items up to SGD$200.

How safe is my package? Can i track my package?

Pickupp ensures our delivery agents are your trusted delivery partners. Apart from the delivery trainings we provide, all delivery agents are required to pass stringent background checks and provide identity documents. Pickupp also insures your delivery parcel for up to SGD$200 per order. Merchants and recipients can now track the exact location of the Pickupp agent delivering their parcel by inputting the order number on our order tracking page here!

Are there any limitations with weight and dimension of the packages?

All packages should fit into the size of a box in the dimensions of W+H+L <= 150cm. Packages that exceed the weight limit of 15 kg may not be handled or delivered. Please let us know if you require special assistance with oversized or overweight deliveries, we will be glad to assist further.

Can Pickupp do advanced booking or keep parcel overnight for next day delivery?

Yes, we do have a warehouse to store your parcels for next day deliveries! If you're keen to know more about our next day delivery arrangement, sign up for a 1-on-1 logistics consultation with us here and we will be happy to share more with you! For our 4-hour and same day delivery services, prescheduling is possible. However, pickup and drop off must happen on the same day.

How is Pickupp different from other delivery companies?

Pickupp prides itself on being a technology-enabled logistics provider that optimises your deliveries to help you grow your business and bring down your delivery cost. We deliver anything, anytime you want, at a fraction of the cost. With a supply network of more than 10,000+ delivery agents, we are able to deliver islandwide and share idle manpower to help you achieve logistics cost savings. Our core features include the ability to track your parcel 24/7, API Integration, etc. Learn more about these features and how it can help your business here! Learn where Pickupp stands against our competitors here.

What are the Shopline platforms that support Pickupp plugin?

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