We pickupp and deliver in the same day

Need your gifts, flowers, documents or online merchandise delivered? No problem. Pickupp sends items door to door in the same day. Our easy-to-use portal, parcel tracking and rating system will allow you to delight your customers, hassle free.

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Lowest Cost

Starting from RM8 per delivery, charged based on dimensions for packages under 30kg.

On-Demand, Door-to-Door

Request speedy delivery anytime, anywhere

GPS Real-Time Tracking

Never sweat over losing your delivery item again

Matching Guarantee

Guaranteed order matching frees you from your management hassle

Delivery Note Return

pickupp collects signed delivery and gives you physical and digital copies

Smart dispatch; Delivery optimized

pickupp matches your item with the best suited pickupp hero according to cost, urgency, dimensions & weight. Track the pickupp hero’s real time location and follow up on progress as required.






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What are the differences between Enterprise and Individual Accounts?

pickupp offers catered experience to merchants in 50+ industries while allowing individuals to send items in the same day with flexibility. If you have constant delivery needs, reach out to us and find out more (Enterprise accounts start from ~200 orders per month)

Individual Account
Full flexibility, zero commitment. Each order from:
pickupp freely - assisting your urgent delivery needs anywhere and anytime you want
Instant order matching status update
Order creation in web or mobile
Basic same day delivery service
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Enterprise Account
Requires 200 monthly orders. Each order from:
we are your logistics partner and support your market growth
Delivery agent matching guaranteed
Bulk order creation in web or mobile
Scheduled order & Delivery Note return
14-day Free Trial
API Integrated Account
Requires 500 monthly orders. Each order from:
automatic order creation - manage your fulfilment with 0 cost
Delivery agent matching guaranteed
Integrated order creation & tracking
Scheduled order & Delivery Note return
14-day Free Trial